Save the Dolphins

22 04 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Today I was flipping through the channels on my television and I decided to watch Oprah. Today Oprah was discussing Earth Day related topics aka how to ‘Go Green’, she also had the directors of the Oscar Winning documentary ‘The Cove’ on the show. What I viewed was appalling.

‘The Cove’ is a documentary about the slaughtering of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. Thousands upon thousands of bottled nosed dolphins are being slaughtered in secrecy. When I saw this I was both disgusted and moved to action. As a future educator and a human being in general, I feel the ability to affect change is in our very own hands.

The directors of the documentary provided a website where individuals can go and learn more about this travesty. If you go to the website there is also a link that you can click on to sign a petition to end the mistreatment of this species that has been so good to humanity. Again I feel that as a future educator I believe it is my duty to be a good role model for my students and for the community and that starts with small steps such as this one. I have already signed the petition and I am encouraging my readers to do the same thing! The link can be found right on my page, please sign the petition.

Have a terrific Earth Day!

-Ms. Barkley


So this is how Stella got her groove back…

21 04 2010

Good evening bloggers!

This is my very first blog on my new and improved page. You all should be very excited,I decided it was time to create a professional profile where family, friends, colleagues, and prospective employers could come and read about my professional endeavors as I achieve my goals of becoming a Secondary English educator and dare I say it,  New York Times Bestselling novelist. One of my adopted philosophies is to dream BIG and I believe this to my core. I know it is cliche to say that ‘anything is possible’ but honestly in today’s world where everything is at our fingertips the cliche really rings true.

As with most things that I have done in my life there is usually some sort of goal associated with it no matter how big or small. Therefore in order to ensure that my readers aren’t reading a bunch of babble, I want to make perfectly clear my intentions for this blog and in every entry I write I will try to guarantee at least one of the following;

1. I am starting this blog as a professional journal of my experiences with teaching (all names of students, faculty, and colleagues will remain confidential)  .

2. I am starting this blog as another avenue for my writing, therefore expect to see various poems, short stories, and other forms of my writing to appear on my blog.

3. I am starting this blog in order to share ideas with other professionals such as other teachers and writers (therefore feedback would of course be welcome!)

4. Finally, I am starting this blog for myself as a way to release my frustrations and joys and also as a way to speak my mind freely, which is of course one of the many joys of writing!

-I hope all of my readers enjoy my blog and keep a look out for updates!

-Ms. Barkley